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Choosing a restaurant is the first hurdle but what happens when you get there? A bit of forward planning can make all the difference. Here are some top tips for a stress-free experience. Ask for an extra cold plate to come with your meal so you can transfer your child's food from hot dishes to cool down quicker. Take some quiet toys - puzzles, books and crayons are always good. Don't forget to take kid-sized cutlery Look for restaurants that open at 11.30am so you can get settled and prevent your child's lunch being too late. Keep it short if you have a restless child, asking for your bill at the same time as dessert or coffee always speeds things up. 
Brunches provide us with the perfect opportunity to munch on top nosh cooked by someone else, there’s no washing up and there’s plenty of entertainment on offer for the little monsters, too. you can pick the perfect family-friendly venue for your weekend feasting, safe in the knowledge that your kids will be having just as much fun as you are! 
Brunch with kids
Few things match the horror of a public meltdown in a restaurant, a pristine tablecloth covered in your toddler's spaghetti Bolognese or a jug of water sent crashing to the floor. At the same time many parents want to dine out in a way that doesn't involve eating left over fish fingers whilst watching your child drown in a pit of multi-coloured balls.
​ So if you're out and about on friday here's a pick of child-friendly restaurants that have a little something for everyone...