Many kids today are reaching new heights by ascending climbing walls at school or by doing the real thing and scaling mountains with their families.

Rock climbing is a fun and challenging activity for children. It also offers kids both physical and mental health benefits. Educate yourself before you take up rock climbing, to make the experience safe and enjoyable for your family. Climbing walls offer a good way for a child to begin. You'll find walls of various heights and difficulties in schools, gyms and even some fairs. Some climbing enthusiasts build these walls inside their homes. The walls contain polyurethane climbing holds that children grab. Some climbing walls are flat, whereas other more challenging walls have textures and overhangs that simulate mountain surfaces.

Kids can improve their climbing skills on basic walls before attempting to ascend more advanced structures. Safety must be a top priority in rock climbing, as mistakes or accidents can lead to hazardous falls. Adults should always supervise kids' climbing sessions. 

Knowledgeable adults can help kids better understand climbing techniques and keep them from developing unsafe habits. Use a mat as a safety precaution at the bottom of basic climbing walls.