Kids' Theatre Works.

Under the expert eye of staff recruited from the world of stage and screen, programmes include creative drama, musical theatre, and acting and performing. Kids develop confidence, communication skills and creative expression, and are encouraged to draw upon their own imaginations to develop all those essential skills to shine on the stage. Mums and dads of kids on the musical theatre and acting programmes can also expect to be wowed by their talented kids’ performances at two annual stage shows.

AGE: 3-18
PRICE: 1,400 for 12 weeks

TIMES: daily depending on age

TELEPHONE: 050 158 5653


Located in Mall of the Emirates - offers a huge variety of different drama and performance classes, from acting to musical theatre, comedy to LAMDA accredited examination courses

LOCATION: DUCTAC, Mall of Emirates
AGE: 2 - adult
PRICE:  1000 dhs / 10 sessions

TIMES: daily depending on age

TELEPHONE: 055 3100984

Haley's Comet Theatre Co.

With classes in vocal training, acting lessons and dance classes, kids’ interested in song and dance will enjoy the theatrical training on offer by skilled professionals.

James & Alex Dance Studios, Media City
AGE: 4-18

TIMES: daily depending on age

CONTACT:info@haleyscomet ,com

TELEPHONE: 055 104 0538


Drama helps with a child's development in many ways. It builds confidence in children and helps with concentration as children are encouraged to listen to each other’s ideas and thoughts and take turns. Perhaps the most obvious is that Drama helps to develop language and communication skills, children will learn new songs, games and participating in pretend play all contribute to a child's developing vocabulary. They are encouraged to express themselves both verbally and through facial expressions and body language which is key to making them better and more effective communicators. It will develop emotional intelligence as children are encouraged to 'act out' a range of emotions in the safe and supportive environment of their class, children. Through developing creativity in children they will be better able to view things in new ways and from different perspectives, to think on their feet and generate new ideas - this is a vital life skill.