Golf is excellent exercise, it reinforces all the basic development skills that young children need in order to launch sound academic learning. Hand-eye co-ordination, spatial awareness, crossing the mid line and bilateral symmetry are only a few of a range of developmental benefits to be gained by playing the game.

​​Golf is one of the few sports that is enjoyed by both sexes, of all ages, old to play with young, scratch to play with a beginner all while keeping a competitive edge to the game.  It continues to be a sport where ethics and integrity still matter. It is both an individual and team sport where you are only reliant on yourself to make or contribute to the success.

Golf seems to be becoming a necessary life skill. In the business world, this is where deals are made, as you're free of interruptions, there's time to walk and talk and you have five or six hours of quality time with  someone in which one can build relationships. 

Golf is about self-improvement. The quest for an elusive personal best, over humiliating reminders of our shortcomings, is a reality for golf players. 

Golf also teaches to let go of the finicky quest for perfection and the acceptance that there will be a next hole, another shot.  Like most great games, golf has enough paradoxes to suit different temperaments: whether you are the type A person striving to be better all the time, or whether you are out to relax and have a good time, golf is for you!

There are many golf academies through out the UAE