When caring for a horse your child will very quickly learn that they need to take responsibility for them. They will learn Trust – Horses don’t work well with trainers if they can’t trust them. They will learn to be open minded, when dealing with horses and will soon realize that horses don’t all act the same way. Children build confidence; horses can look big and be intimidating to any child. Once your child has the chance to handle their horse on their own they will receive a huge boost in confidence. This may allow them to build confidence in the areas of their life. Your child will learn patience – Horses won’t immediately do what you tell them to do. Sometimes it takes a little patience to get everything to work just right. Horse riding teaches sensitivity.



COMPANY                                    COST PER SESSION         CLASS SIZE           ADDED COST

​1.  Mushriff Park Equestrian Center                          1 12 dhs (30 mins)                              4                                                   Prepaid cost     

2. Emirates Equestrian Center                                       140 dhs (30 mins)                              private                                  Prepaid cost

​3. Hoof beatz                                                                                       170 dhs (45 mins)                               private                                 Members rate 


Horse Riding

​​Riding can be of benefit to many children, they may be lucky enough to have the opportunity to learn responsibility

Parent Note: Horse Riding is expensive and you must ensure that the correct protection is worn.​​​