Keep the decoration Simple

Use lots of black and green, and mix it up with some purple here and there for colour.

Put some green food colouring in your cake mix and of course add black and green smarties. use green donuts for the games.

A great party theme that can also incorporate other super heroes if you wish!

Party Arrival

Always start with a game that children can join in as they arrive. So that you are not waiting for any late arrivals to start the games.  As children arrive: Put a pile of balloons in the yard and tell them they are not allowed to let the balloon touch the floor.

You can play some music and mix the balloons with some beach / light weight balls that are slightly heavier than the balloons to vary the game. Just let them run around to let off some energy. (about 10 mins). Also have some play dough / or slime to hand on a table so that children who want to can just play quietly if they don’t want to go mad when they just arrive.

Party Games

Use the left over balloons and play Stomp the mean guy. Tie two ballons to each childs legs and they have to pop the balloons by stamping or sitting on the balloons. This is quite high energy and fairly difficult!

Once they have all arrived you can do some great games themed around the Hulk. Depending on your budget, the Hulk is fairly famous for his ripped t-shirt, why not buy some cheap white t-shirts and get them to cut them up to a “hulk design” and then provide some fabric markers to put their names on them. (about 20m mins).

All kids love Pass the Parcel. Wrap the present in layers of green and black paper and make sure you have a small packet of sweets to drop out each time a layer of paper is taken off. Sit the kids in a circle and play some music each time the music stops they unwrap a layer.  If you have enough cushions sit the kids on one each.  (10 mins)

 Musical cushions. Scatter the cushions and play music. Every time the music stops the children have to sit on a cushion. When you start the music take a cushion away and the child without a cushion is out until you have one winner left  (10 mins)

Paint Hulk green.  – Get some green poster paint and either dip each childs fingers in some or give them a brush. Put a blind fold on and spin them round a few times. They have to find the hulk pinned on the wall and paint him. (lots of fun to watch) – as long as they have their t-shirts on from the earlier exercise they won’t spoil their clothes. (10 mins)

Piñata – either make you own paper Mache  version or buy one from the party shop – kids love piñata smashing.

​ If you have room and the will – all kids absolutely love water balloon bombs. If you have a willing adult (older brother) get them to dress up at the end of the party as the incredible hulk and provide (bombs) pre-filled water balloons (keep them in buckets) and give them to the children to fire at your kind volunteer. (I promise this will be the highlight of your party).

Super hero house hurdling. Set up an obstacle course and in teams see who can complete the course – they have to jump the mini houses, go under a rope, pick up a balloon, put on some over sized clothes and get all their team back first.
Hulk donut eating Hang some jam filled donuts on a piece of string just above head height and get the children to eat the donuts with their hands behind their backs.

Incredible Hulk Party Idea

A great party for boys.