Magic Potion Drink

1 pack of red unsweetened drink mix (kool-aid) 1 pack of yellow unsweetened drink mix (kool-aid) 1 pack of blue unsweetened drink mix (kool-aid)   Lemon-lime flavored carbonated soda NOTES: instead of kool-aid, red, yellow and blue drinks such as gatoraid, lemonade, cranberry juice will also work, but the colors may not be as vibrant DIRECTIONS 1.     Mix the kool-aid according to directions (adding sugar is optional since the carbonated soda may be sweet enough.) 2.     Pour each color/flavor into a different ice cube tray and freeze solid. 3.     To serve, pour the soda into clear glasses.  Put 1-2 flavored ice cubes into each glass. Yellow and blue to make green, blue and red for purple, yellow and red for orange. 4.     As the ice cubes dissolve, the drink will magically change color and flavor. Since you are using primary colors for the ice cubes, the drinks will turn into the secondary colors. SUGGESTIONS: It is best to serve the soda at room temperature, otherwise it takes too long for the ice to melt and change the drink’s color. Most younger children can not be patient for that long. This is a fun activity for a child’s birthday party. Great for the birthday themes of magic, detective,princess. Excellent opportunity to teach children about primary colours and how when mixed create secondary colours