​NAME                     Soft Drink             House Drinks             Bubbly               Child Free Age           Child cost          Buffet               Menu             


Al Qasr                     450 dhs                   550 dhs                  650 dhs                    under 4s                 250 dhs               yes                    no

Bab Al Shams        295  dhs                   440 dhs                                                                                         195 dhs                yes                    no

Bubbalicous           299 dhs                   450 dhs                  650 dhs                    under 6s                 150 dhs                yes                    no

Beachcombers       185 dhs                   285 dhs                    450 dhs                    under 4s                 45 dhs                  yes                    no

Calabar                     290 dhs                  425 dhs                                                                                           195 dhs                yes                    no

Shangri-la L2          250 dhs                  395 dhs                   450 dhs                     under 12s                                               yes


ADULT FOOD: Live cooking stations offer an array of sea food and tasty Malay and Thai Cuisine including of course noodles and rice dishes.

CHILD FOOD: There is plenty of choice for little ones at a well stocked kids buffet.

CHILD ENTERTAINMENT:Supervised kids corner with face painting, crafts, balloon bending, DVDs and two play stations. A magician also does tricks.


LOCATION: Jumeriah Beach Hotel
PRICE : Non Alcoholic: 185dhs; House: 285 - 450 dhs; 
CHILD REDUCTIONS: under 4s free; kids 45 dhs if eating child buffet. half price if eating adult buffet.
TIMES: Friday 12.30 pm - 4pm

TELEPHONE: 04 406 8999

SHANGRI-LA level 2 

ADULT FOOD: Enjoy Alaskan crab legs, seafood tartar, fresh fish, sushi sashimi and family style seafood pot, as well as Moroccan favourites of lamb, mechoui and cous-cous.


A few choices, but children are welcome at all the main buffet stations.

CHILD ENTERTAINMENT: unsupervised play area.


LOCATION: Shangri-La, Sheikh Zyed Road

PRICE (SOFT): 250 dhs; (House): 395dhs; - 450 dhs
CHILD  Under 12s are free
TIMES: Friday 12.000pm - 4pm

TELEPHONE: 04 343 8888

Al Qasr

ADULT FOOD: You are handed a map, and will be overwhelmed by the choice. A great place to take Granny on her annual visit! Food stalls are spread across three restaurants and the terrace.


There is plenty of choice for little ones and an area is set aside to keep them in control.

CHILD ENTERTAINMENT:Usual childrens stuff.

ANY TIPS: Watch the weather and sit inside if its cold or vice a versa in the summer!

LOCATION: Madinat Jumeriah
PRICE : Non Alcoholic: 450 dhs; House: 550 dhs; 
CHILD REDUCTIONS: 250dhs for kids aged 4 - 12
TIMES: Friday 12.30 pm - 4pm

TELEPHONE: 04 3666 730


ADULT FOOD: Just about everything you could imagine and more. This must be one of the more exciting brunches in Dubai.


Kids will love the unique culinary presentation ideas, including mini packs of fish and chips in newspaper and take-out boxes of Thai noodles, while their own buffet includes fish fingers, macaroni cheese, ice cream, cakes and a great pick-and-mix of sweets.

CHILD ENTERTAINMENT:A small kids’ area offers the standard face painting, crafts, games and PlayStation, but outside of this, there’s some pretty zany stuff. Little ones will love the hands-on petting zoo, where they can handle everything from rabbits to snakes. Then there’s an inspiring display of balancing and juggling tricks byChinese acrobats, including a chair-spinning-with-feet routine

ANY TIPS: Don't order the bubbly brunch, there are so many exciting choices of drink, have the house beverage package and top up at the drinks stations

PRICE : Non Alcholic: 299dhs; House: 450 dhs; Premium: 550 dhs
CHILD REDUCTIONS: 150 dhs for 6- 12 year olds; under 6 free.
TIMES: Friday 1pm - 4pm

TELEPHONE: 04 511 7136


ADULT FOOD: Arabic brunch offering live cooking stations out at the desert resort of Bab al Shams


Some kids food, but the emphasis is on Arabic cuisine and flavours.

CHILD ENTERTAINMENT:Face painting, pony rides, balloon making and kite flying will keep them busy.

ANY TIPS: Although a lovely location, do remember this is a 40 minute drive from Dubai.

LOCATION: Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa

PRICE (SOFT): 295 dhs; (House): 440 dhs; 
CHILD  195 dhs 
TIMES: Friday 12.30pm - 4pm

TELEPHONE: 04 809 6202


ADULT FOOD: South American inspired dishes, from live cooking stations. Try oysters, tacos and quesadillas, sliders, mini hot dogs, noodles and of course churros.


Not really a place for younger children.


ANY TIPS: When it is warmer ensure you book an indoor table.

LOCATION: The Address, Downtown

PRICE (SOFT): 290 dhs; (House): 425 dhs; 
CHILD  195 dhs 
TIMES: Friday 12.300pm - 4pm

TELEPHONE: 04 888 3444

Luxury Brunches in Dubai with kids

Brunch with Kids

There are plenty of places that cater for families in Dubai, and they offer wall to wall chicken nuggets, candy floss and entertainment to keep your little ones busy while you enjoy your brunch. While this is lovely, don't forget you have to handle the "sugar high" when you get home. 

While i love these "kiddy friendly" brunches I equally enjoy going to lunch with my kids where we are each others entertainment and have time for conversation! Everything is a balance, but I can't forget when we were children going out to supper and getting dressed up was a treat  in itself.