Weekly Meal Planner - week one

Sample weekly shopping list for this menu - Click here.

At the beginning of the week, produce a weekly meal planner, put it on the fridge and stick to it. The children like knowing what is for dinner and you will find shopping so much easier and the decision for cooking each evening so simple! Not only does it reduce stress, it saves time (no mid week shopping) and saves money (no waste)

Week 1 Meal planner

BreakfastLunchDinnerFamily Activity
Scrambled Egg with cheese on toast
Turkey and Mayo Rolls Apple Muffins Plum Carrot Batons Yogurt
Spaghetti  Bolognaise with grated cheese, garlic bread and Salad



Marmite on toast with Soldiers and milky tea.
Smoked Salmon and cream cheese bagels Lemon Muffins Cucumber batons Yogurt
Lamb hotpot with Brocoli and cabbage 
Chocolate and pear pudding
 Toasted Cheese Hot Chocolate 
Ham and tomato rolls Mozzarella Sticks Apple Chocolate Cup cake
Thai Fish cakes Noodles Delicious blueberry cake
Sausage Sandwich Milky Tea
Tuna, Mayo, sweetcorn Baguette Welsh Cakes Fried pitta bread 1 banana
Texas Cowboy pie with Beans & Broccoli


Horse riding

Bacon sandwich Cold Milk
Chicken Pasta Salad Welsh Cakes Apple Bread sticks  with mayo
Home made Pizza Garlic and Cheese bread Salad