Location: Various, but we went to Mirdiff City Centre

Hydrating Facial:Manicure 

Time: 45 minutes

What you can expect:

The girls are friendly, although they are not the best manicures in Dubai, they are certainly passable. The best bit is that they love children and for 20 dhs my daughter can be pampered in a chair next to me, while I get a manicure! - All worth it.

Child care: Take your daughter and let her have bright nail varnish and a bit pf princess time!

Telephone: 04 284 3722


While I am not a great believer in Kids having beauty treatments, sometimes taking them with you means it can happen!


Clarins Salon

Location: Dubai Mall 

Hydrating Facial: 450 dhs

Time: 1 hour 30 mins

What you can expect:

A quiet room with background music and showering facilities; A relaxing shoulder, head neck and foot massage. A fully hydrating facial that leaves your skin super soft and clean. The therapist also takes time to explain how to manage your skin.

Child care: Kaboodle is close by.



Do you know that the Clarins Salon is very close to Kaboodle in Dubai Mall?


Some days are crazy, but every day is fun. Most days are split into little parcels of time and most days there simply are not enough of those bits of time to get everything done. Let alone finding time for ourselves. Hopefully this page will give us ideas for "me" time! Finding time for yourself does not make you a bad mother. It refreshes you ready to do even more with your family.