Week Four

  1. ​​ Roast Chicken dinner, for fingers, Rotiserie chicken, sugar snap peas, mini carrots, apple sauce and parmesan potatoes.
  2. Pasta tossed in pesto with feta and tomatoes for those who like them, (otherwise with ham).
  3. Cheese biscuits (my kids like the mini poppan biscuits, raisins, apple slices, cheese slices and some ham roll ups.
  4. Smoked salmon, bagels and cream cheese. with apple slices and some celery sticks.
  5. Deli ham, melon, Halumi cheese, pretzels and a few crisps as a nibble box.

Week Six

  1. ​​Prawns, with cocktail sauce, and lettuce, crisps, bread slices to dip, Grapes. Treat: carrot cake.
  2. Ham, cheese and pineapple kebabs, pretzels, raisins.
  3. Cream cheese and cucumber roll ups, pretzels, apple slices. strawberries.
  4. Plain pasta, turkey chunks, mini tomatoes, strawberries and cucumber with a dip.
  5. Pitta bread wedges with ham, and a dip. Carrots and celery. Mango slices mixes with raspberries.

Week Five

  1. ​​Shredded cheese in mini sandwiches, watermelon, raisins, bread sticks and dip. .
  2. mini pizza made with with scone dough; fruit kebabs, celery sticks filled with cream cheese.
  3. Ham roll ups, Cucumber and carrot dippers, strawberries. Shortbread
  4. Turkey stuffed into pitta pockets with shredded cucumber and mayo, carrot sticks. grapes.
  5. Wedges, yogurt and cucumber dip, mixed berries, granola bar.​

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Week Three

  1. ​​ Pitta pocket with chicken and mayo, Strawberries, yogurt and raisins.
  2. Deli ham + pear + rye toasts served as nibble plate. Treat: Banana bread
  3. Bacon + tomato + shredded lettuce + cream cheese rolled into a tortilla pinwheel, berries.
  4. Salmon pieces + pea pods + pasta noodles + grapes served as nibble platter.
  5. Mozzarella sticks + marinara dip + pepperoni + cucmber slices served as a nibble platter. Treat banana and custard pots.

Week One

  1. Deli turkey + cheddar slices in roll-ups, pretzels, apple wedges. Treat Apple and cinamon muffin
  2. Turkey pepperoni + swiss cheese + butter crackers in stacks, red grapes, carrots. Treat: Jaffa cake
  3. Deli ham + cream cheese, rolled up in a tortilla and sliced into pinwheels, strawberries, carrots. Treat: slice of banana cake
  4. Whole wheat pita wedges + salsa with low fat mince meat. Mango slices, Treat: Pringles
  5. Jam sandwiches + sliced Cheese and Apple stackers. Treat: strawberries with cream cheese dip.

Week Two

  1. ​​Mini kebabs with mozarello and and baby tomatoes, rolled up ham, apple and cheese stackers.
  2. Pasta tossed with olive oil or salad dressing + sugar snap peas +chicken slices + grapes.
  3. Deli roast beef + with mayo on mini yorkshire puddings, carrot sticks + strawberry meringues.
  4. Jelly sandwich cut-out, cheese stick, Apple chunks with cinnamon.
  5. Sliced french bread with balsamic vinegar dip, cheese slices, yogurt, strawberries,

Packed Lunches 

Of all the jobs I do as the mother, this one always fills me with dread.

Its the start of school and another year of battle with what we eat on a monday and what we won't even look at on Tuesday! It breaks my heart to think they will be hungry in school, but equally I absolutely hate the waste of throwing out all the food that has been barely touched when they get home.

I decided this year we would try a different strategy. Lots of healthy snacks, not vegetables as those are my evening challenge (fruit) for lunchtime which they will eat (on a good day at least).

I have three children in school who all have different needs. My daughter is very fussy and barely eats anything. My middle son, is not bothered with food, but some days he is very hungry and others he is simply to busy to even open his lunch box so wants a snack fast. My eldest son has a huge appetite and is the middle of teenager years so he needs food that is cool and acceptable to eat with his friends!

4 Presentation methods to add variety to the week. 
​Roll-ups:  Take the meat and/or cheese, lay it flat. Roll it up like a burrito. Slice it into chunks, hold in place with toothpicks. Stackers: Meat, cheese, crackers, and assorted toppings are presented for the kids to mix and match their own bites. Nibble Plates: Also known as “leftovers” day! Random bits and pieces presented in their own containers to nibble on. Bits of leftover chicken, fruits, veggies, etc. Cut-outs: There are a precious few sandwiches on this list. When they hit rotation, I use a larger cookie cutter to remove the crusts. My favorite is a scalloped heart shape that uses almost every ounce of food with little wasted edges.