I see so many ideas for reusing pallets, I thought it might be useful to put them all on one page.

I know what you’re thinking…wouldn’t it just be much easier to visit one of the plethora of furniture stores that reuse pallets to make their tables? If they’re using reclaimed materials, they can’t be that expensive…right?


While $250 to $350 may not seem much like much to part with for an environmentally-friendly coffee table, the amount you’d save doing it yourself is staggering. To make your living room’s new centre piece from scratch, all you need is:

1 x heavy duty wood pallet (such as the one pictured) picked up for free.

4 x castor wheels with screws. They’re around $10 secondhand on eBay.

1 quart (or 1 litre) tin of wood stain/varnish which will cost no more than $10 from any hardware store. Oh, and pick up some sandpaper for a couple of bucks while you’re there.

Other peripherals you’ll need are a basic power screwdriver and a paint brush. You probably already have these lying around. If not, ask to borrow a friend’s or neighbour’s.

Are you ready for the total saving?

$230 to $330.

Best of all, the time investment is minimal and it’s so easy to do, virtually anyone can have a go.

There are just three very easy steps involved:

Step 1. Sand any rough edges with sandpaper. Nobody likes splinters!

Step 2. Varnish the wood with the finish of your choice and leave to dry overnight

Step 3. Using a power screwdriver, drill the castor wheels into the four corners of the pallet’s underside.

Voila. You’ve just created your first piece of furniture from scratch in about the same time it takes to assemble an IKEA table. Not only have you saved a couple of hundred dollars, you’ve also saved a tree or two. Your bank manager and Mother Earth will be very happy!