Consider the interests and hobbies of the guest of honor.If he or she is an avid fan of a particular sports team, the party venue could be decorated with crepe paper and balloons in the team's colors, and you can hang posters featuring players from the team. An added bonus if you are planning the party in the same city as the guest of honor's favorite team would be to hold the party at the arena or ball field where the team plays, or take the party guests to a game as part of the party.
If you're throwing a party for a child, find out what his or her favorite color is and base the theme on it: a pink princess party for a very feminine little girl or a camouflage party for a boy who likes wild animals, reptiles, or bugs.
‚Äč Television shows, movies, and works of literature also lend themselves well to being party themes. These types of subject matter are often readily available in party stores, especially if you're planning a child's party. Consider inviting guests to come dressed as the characters of the TV show, movie, or book. And if, for example, the theme is based around a mystery-themed work, play a "whodunit" mystery party.
Decide on a VenueDecide on a venue. If you know there is a place your guest of honor frequents or enjoys, check into renting that space. Remember that certain times of year are busier than others at certain venues--for instance, if you want to rent the community swimming pool in July, it is best to book it sooner rather than later. If you are planning on throwing a party with a horse theme and are using real horses, you will obviously need an outdoor setting with much open space. If you're hosting an elegant tea party with a Victorian theme, a better space would be indoors in a cozy parlor or sitting room. Choose a setting that matches the theme.
Shop around for decorations.

Shop around for decorations well in advance of the party. Consider your guest of honor's tastes; if he or she is more low-key, don't overdo decorations. Begin looking as soon as you've decided on a theme. If you've chosen a jungle theme and go out looking for decorations a day before the event, you may not be able to find age-appropriate or suitable ones, and you'll be left scrambling to come up with another theme.
Make sure the guests are aware of the theme 
and can join in on the fun. Be sure to note on invitations that the theme of the party means something to the guest of honor. Choose invitations that are in keeping with the party's theme. If you are making your own invitations, suggest that attendees wrap any gifts they might bring in paper that matches the theme. Additionally, if you are hosting a party that lends itself well to costumes, suggest guests dress up such as cowboys and cowgirls for a Wild West party, or embellished masks for a masquerade party.
Decide on what food and refreshments you will serve,
and come up with a way for them to be in keeping with your theme. Ask the person you're throwing the party for what his or her favorite foods are; if it's a surprise party, ask a spouse, parent or child. If you're having a party with a pirate theme, scatter tables with gold-wrapped chocolate coins. For an autumn harvest party, serve apple- and pumpkin-flavored treats. Choose a Hawaiian luau theme and serve pizza with pineapple as well as juices and fruit platters.

Birthday parties are a time-honored tradition. They can make a guest of honor feel loved and special, even more so when those planning the festivities take the time to personalize the party. Incorporating the guest of honor's favorite colors, sports teams, hobbies, books, movies, or other interests are important considerations in how to choose a theme for a birthday party.

Choosing a party theme