International Arts Centre

in Jumeirah is a favourite venues for quirky, innovative and exciting arty classes. This year it’s once again hosting the hugely popular teen pottery classes. Working with natural clay initially, children are encouraged to play and experiment with 3D shape and form. Later work moves on to more specialist air-drying clay and works are then painted in acrylics.

LOCATION: Jumeriah, Dubai

AGE: teenager

COST: 810 dhs / 10 lesson


CONTACT: artdubai.eim.ae

TELEPHONE:04 344 4398


Why pottery may be good for child:

Focus on a task – Anything our children take on that requires concentration, no matter how small, has an effect on their overall ability to concentrate.  As we all know, in this ADHD world of ours, concentration skills are in short supply.  It seems that everything we do now works in concert to destroy the ability of our children to focus on one thing at a time.  The “distractible” has become our way of life, mostly driven by the Internet.  By getting your kids to sit in front of a pottery wheel and make something requires concentration.  To do well, your child must focus and making pottery trains the juvenile brain to focus, the same as it would our own brains as adults.

Complete a task – So many things are left undone these days.  Kids are encouraged to start so many things now.  But, all it takes is the mere suggestion that something else interesting is in their peripheral vision and the original task is left in the dust.  Wet clay will not conform to that paradigm though, and will get ruined if you just walk away and leave it alone.  By not finishing what you are doing, you will ruin a piece of pottery.  Through working with pottery, our children are learning to finish what they start.

Create a piece of art – Your kids will be proud of making a piece of pottery.  It is an expression of their individual creativity and a visible symbol and manifestation of their work.

Greater cognitive power from building new synaptic pathways – Through pottery for kids, you are opening up for them additional neural pathways that will serve them in all that they do from now on. This may be the most beneficial part of the pottery activity because it influences academics and learning for the rest of their lives.

The bottom line is that anything new or unusual that you expose your child to will improve their mind.  Pottery for kids is just a great, safe way for your child to stretch their mind that will pay off in an enormous number of ways later on in their life.