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Adult Menu

Chicken breast


Kids Menu

Chicken burger





2 adults, 2 children

Total: 245dhs/

Another restaurant added its name to Mirdiff City Centre Shopping Mall recently. "Their extremely clever advertising is definitely better than the actual product".  Our recent visit to Mirdiff City Centre was a disaster!

Despite the kids menu and the fancy kids plates of food (once they arrive) there is no other childrens diversions in the form of colouring sheets or paper and crayons (not that this is a problem, but is always a welcome diversion)

The open plan kitchen with staff constantly shouting made the seating loud and uncomfortable, we were unable to have a conversation. The waiters were on the whole fairly uninterested and we waited over 20 mins to be served! The food also took a long time to come out and once it arrived it was the wrong order.

The portions are relatively small and the presentation lacked innovation. The taste was Ok, but due to multiple problems in the kitchen (we watched as most orders were returned) by the time we all had the right food it was cold or over cooked! The service was very slow and generally unhelpful (we could see that they were having a bad day)

​Yes the food is ok, it's a nice change from the normal mass produced food that we are finding more and more, the menu offers a limited variety (chicken or chicken), but would any of the family go again - I have to say that is a resounding NO.


All reviews are done without the restaurant knowing and we only tell them we have visited at the end! So we review it as it is with no special attention.

Contact: www.nandos.ae/


Adults 2/10

Children 3/10