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Adult Menu

Crispy Chicken strips & Steak Fries

Chili Cup

Smokehouse burget & fries

Kids Menu

Andy Steak, Mash and Gravy

Macaroni Cheese



Legendary Margarita

Fresh orange juice

Fresh Cranberry Juice.

2 adults, 2 children

Total: 192 dhs/

TEXAS ROADHOUSE is the latest restaurant to add its name to Mirdiff City Centre Shopping Mall. Their claim that "Our food’s not the only thing that’s Legendary at the Roadhouse — our fun is too! From our line dancers to our jukebox to our friendly servers, you’ll enjoy every second you spend in a Texas Roadhouse". May be a little optimistic at this point, however they only opened a few days ago and the staff are still practising their line dancing routines! BUT it all has great potential. The staff are very helpful and keen to serve you, the steak displays are amazing and the general ambience is fun, from the quirky tin cans with monkey nuts on each table to the lively music.

The obligatory childrens colouring is handed out with crayons and kept them amused until the food arrived. The music was lively but not deafening and we had a relaxed lunch with no dramas!

The food was the usual American style of large portions and it was served promptly, unusually for a new restaurant the order also arrived accurately. So that provides lots of promise. The kids gave this restaurant a huge thumbs up and the food was exactly to their liking. I really enjoyed the feel of the place and will definitely visit again.

​A personal favourite was the bread rolls which are baked fresh and were served hot along with some delicious cinnamon butter as we were seated.


Adults 7/10

Children 8/10 


All reviews are done without the restaurant knowing and we only tell them we have visited at the end! So we review it as it is with no special attention.