Rugby is an excellent way to teach  youngsters how to become part of a team. There is space on the field for individual brilliance, but most of what happens depends on the co-operation of 15 players, not the flair of one.

The toughness of the game is itself a virtue. Young men - and perhaps more young women than current attitudes acknowledge - need to test themselves physically, to push themselves to their boundaries. If they don't have the chance to play rugby, they may well try even more dangerous pursuits.

There are a variety of Rugby Clubs in the region, some are very competitive, some focus on excellence and some on fun. So visit a few clubs and chat to the coaches then chose the one that suits your child the best.

ELITE FC Coaching


​Kids’ after-school football coaching programme with qualified coaches that will enhance the physical, mental, emotional and technical growth and development of young athletes.

LOCATION: locations in the UAE
AGE: 4-16
PRICE: 75 dhs per session inc kit.

TIMES: daily

TELEPHONE: 04 458 4024

Dubai Warriors

A new and exciting young team. Playing out of

Dubai Polo CLub.

LOCATION: Dubai Polo Club.

AGE: 5 - 13 years
PRICE: 1500 per season (for contact)

TIMES: Friday Mornings


Dubai Hurricanes

​A huge club, probably the biggest in the Gulf region. Focus is on training, commitment and winning.

LOCATION: Rugby 7s ground.

AGE: 5 - 19 years

TIMES: Every day.
TELEPHONE: Mike Busby, 050 7940823

Dubai Exiles

One of the older clubs in the Gulf region with a strong reputation and solid training programmes. They train in the 7s stadium.

LOCATION: Rugby 7s ground.

AGE: 5 - 19 years

TIMES: Various days - ring for details
TELEPHONE: Emma 050 4595693

Sharjah Wanderers

​A small club, that has a good family atmosphere. Mixed nationalities and lots of opportunities for parents to be involved. Perhaps the last remaining "rugby club house" in the Gulf region!

LOCATION: Sharjah Wanderers, Sanam
AGE: 6 - 17 years
PRICE: 500 per season

TIMES: Wed 6pm - 7pm

TELEPHONE: 06 566 2150


​​Rugby is a brilliant game, especially for adolescent boys. Its advantages are both practical and theoretical. What other game, for instance, allows for such a discrepancy in the physical sizes of the players? The short and squat find a place in the front row; the tall and thin in the second row; the smallest and niftiest is scrum-half; the speed merchants are on the wings.