Active Sports Academy provide Tennis lessons from Parent & Toddler upwards, as well as Adult lessons, CardioTennis and match play sessions

LOCATION: Venues across Dubai
AGE:From parent & toddler upwards
PRICE: see website.

TIMES: 6 days a week schedule on line

TELEPHONE:050 55 970 55.


VIP sports club is based near Sheikh Rashid hospital. It aims to enrich the educational experience of students and athletes through structured training, competitions, leagues and games.

LOCATION: Nr Sheikh Rashid Hospital

​AGE: 4 - 16 yrs 


TIMES: Daily



TELEPHONE:: 04 335 3382

ELITE FC Coaching

​Kids’ after-school football coaching programme with qualified coaches that will enhance the physical, mental, emotional and technical growth and development of young athletes.

LOCATION: locations in the UAE
AGE: 4-16
PRICE: 75 dhs per session inc kit.

TIMES: daily

TELEPHONE: 04 458 4024



COMPANY                                COST PER SESSION                 

​1.  CLARKE FRANCIS TENNIS                                                  55 dhs

2. MINI MINORS TENNIS                                                            95 dhs


4. ELITE FC COACHING                                                                  75 dhs

Focus on Tennis

Tennis lesson from advanced to beginner

LOCATION: Various locations
AGE: 4-16


TELEPHONE: 050 289 3162

Clark Francis Tennis

Classes cover the basic fundamentals of tennis, including technique, agility, coordination movement and tactics.

LOCATION: Various locations
AGE: 4-16
PRICE: 550 dhs / 10 week course
TIMES: Sunday to Thursday
TELEPHONE: 050 685 8304

Mini Minors Tennis

This fun introductory course offers a systematic training process that includes learning basic stroke production, footwork and coordination for beginners. There are classes for older kids too.

LOCATION: American University of Dubai Tennis Court
AGE: 5-15
PRICE: 95 dhs / per class
TIMES: weekdays 4.15pm - 5.15pm
TELEPHONE: 050 286 8025

Playing tennis is one of the world's most popular sports hobbies. One of the best qualities about the game is that anyone can enjoy a day out on the courts. People don't have to be professional tennis players to reap the benefits of this fun sport.

Getting young children to take an interest in tennis playing can benefit them in many positive ways.

Children can get much needed exercise, learn sportsmanship, increase their physical strength and simply find hours of enjoyment when they learn to play tennis. Here are some reasons why tennis can be a good hobby for a child:

1. Develops Hand-Eye Coordination - Children's tennis is one of the best games for developing coordination in all areas of the body. A child will learn how to focus and concentrate on the ball whilst developing fast footwork and flexibility of the upper body. All young children need to learn how to focus, concentrate and move the muscles at the same time. Tennis is the perfect sport for conditioning the motor reflexes of the body.

2. Battles Childhood Obesity - In today's society, there is an increasing concern with childhood obesity. Kids who spend all day indoors sitting with computer games and eating junk food are more likely to become  overweight and suffer from negative health effects. Children's tennis gets them out of the house and into the fresh air where they can burn off calories. Not only does exercise improve health overall, it releases endorphins that alleviate depression and bad moods. Active kids are happier kids. 

3. Fosters Teamwork And Sportsmanship - Children need to learn sportsmanship and fair play. Doubles tennis can teach kids the skills of working with others as a part of team. Tennis also teaches young children that competition can be respectful and that losing a game with grace is part of life in general.

4. Teaches Goal Setting And Perseverance - Getting children interested in playing tennis will also teach them that setting goals and not giving up can help them get better at the game. The values of goal setting and striving for the best is an important trait that all children need to succeed in many areas of life. Learning how to handle setbacks and difficulties early in life through a sport can help a child mature emotionally.

5. Tennis Is Simply Fun - Playing a good game of tennis is simply fun. Kids will enjoy picking out a racket, special shoes and a tennis outfit to play in. It gives them something to look forward to and allows for a healthy way to burn off energy. Parents will love the fact that tennis courts are available all year long whether indoors or outdoors.

Children's tennis has many positive benefits. Parents will love the affordability of tennis and kids will certainly enjoy the fun of the game.